#bonita 7.x

How to fetch data in UI designer and update the records.


I have a scenario wherein I want to update records once created when it is rejected by the approver. First I created and fill up the task when I submit it will go to the manager. When the manager login and rejects the task it will go back to the initiator and the initiator will update the fields required. I want to fetch the previous data and will allow the user to update his/her records then will submit again to the manager.

How to assign task to a specific group and all users in a group can view it?


How can I assign a task to a group and users can view it and whoever approves the task will be fetch? The purpose of this is for the task not to be pending for a long time and other users can approve certain task for it to be release right away.


Is it possible to have two business variables in one just process?

I have two BDMs, each to receive the respective records from different tables, I generated a script that worked perfectly to add the records in a BDM, however if I try to add two Business Variables to my process, I can not save the records in the second BDM , My question at the end is, I can have two business variables in a single pool?

My log Error:

Failed to get information in bdm and used it in operations.


I am getting the max value of a certain column in bdm table using custom query with parameter. Then I call the query using DAO and used it in the operations once the manager have approved the task. But when i run the task it always fails. I set the petCashNo to store a new series of pet cash no. Just want to create a petcash series number

This is my custom query

SELECT MAX(p.petCashNo)
FROM PettyCashHeader p
WHERE p.branch = :branch

Return of custom query is single

This is how i call my query in operations

How to make attachment not required?


I want to make the attachment not required. I use these File upload and download process example (http://community.bonitasoft.com/project/file-upload-and-download-process...). I cannot submit the form when it is empty. How can I make it optional and can submit the form when it is null and have an attachment. If this cannot be done is there a workaround for attachment.

Note: I use the multiple attachment option since our user attach multiple of documents.

How to convert code and id in forms bonita?


I need to convert the id and code to name. I save the id and code in my main table instead of the name. But when I display the content of table it shows the id and code. I have tables that handle the equivalent of the code and id. How can i convert it in my UI Designer. Please help. Thanks

How to replay an activity

Hi everyone.

I have a question?

How to replay an activity, before in bonita 7.2 i did this



"state": "replay"

and it worked, but now in bonita 7.4 not working


How to get bonita process data from postgreSQL

I want to get bonita process data and want to show on custom page how can i get data of a process from postgreSQL of specific forrm/ specific flow node. Can i get that m confused pivot is not working on postgreSQL. can anybody help how can i get data from postgreSQL.

relate two database table in bonita

Bonita by default saves data in its configured database. I want to relate two tables and want to get values. I want to relate arch_data_instance and arch_flownode_instance and want to get values of specific form like i want to get data from arch_data_instance table of publish node with complete status completed. In other words i want to get data when whole process finishes.