#bonita 7.x

Fetching process data from PostgreSQL

I am using Bonita BPM Community Edition Version : 7.3.1 and PostgreSQL have three forms in my process.I want to use data which Bonita by default saves in its configured database. First form is starting process having fields like Title, Start Date, End Date, upload file widget. Second form is changing title, dates and files.Third form is is for only viewing these changes and finalize them. How can i get all these values after third form submission. How can i relate tables and get my variables values.

Upload .docx file in Alfresco folder Problem

I want to upload folder using bonita connector in folder path like Repository> News> Hello> folder. Its uploading all other format files like .pdf .png .jpg but its not uploading .docx file. Its uploading .docx file when folder path is like Repository> News> folder. Its giving error like.


How to access initialized BDM variables in Bonita BPM from java code using Bonita Engine API.

Need to access initialized BDM variables in Bonita 7.3.0 BPM from my java code using Engine API.

Following is the code that I have implemented:

add a new translated language to BonitaBPM community

Hi All,
I want to add a new language to Bonita BPM community 7.3, I mean that both studio and portal.
so, some months ago, I have joined to translation project at "http://translate.bonitasoft.org/" for translating to my local language. Moreover, my question is how can i add a translated language to Bonita community 7.3.in other words, the translation site give me a bonita-bpm.zip file and how can i use this file.

any help is acceptable.
Best Regard.

Bonita ui designer forms are not displaying in dashboard

I have used Dashboard example given at link https://github.com/pozil/bonita-angular-dashboard, but in available tasks its show a self generated form using my process variables name instead of ui designer form which i have actually used in my process. I am new to bonita what should i do to display the ui forms in available tasks in dashboard?Any kind of help will be appreciated.

FlowNodeNotFoundException in Bonita 7.3.1

I want to use bonita ui forms in BonitaBPMCommuntiy-7.3.1-tomcat-7.0.67. I have added permissions profile|User=[flownode_visualization] in custom-permissions-mapping.properties but i am still getting following error. what should i do now?

Add custom link in side navigation menu in bonita tomcat portal

I need to add custom link in side menu /main menu in BonitaBPMCommunity-7.3.1-Tomcat-7.0.67.Any kind of help will be appreciated.

get mandatory fields in form (REST API)

Hi all,
How can I know if an input in a form is mandatory or not through the REST API?
Also I'm trying to update a process variable's value by giving it a value in an instantiation form..but the variable is not updating, any help?

this is my formInput (JSON):

"requestInput" : {
"leaveStart" : null,
"dayCount" : null
"mycenas" : null

this is my formOutput:

return {
'requestInput': $data.formInput.requestInput,
'mycenas': $data.cenasValue.value

Process Vraiable is not working in bonita ui

I am trying to display process variable using external API in bonita ui but its only working with administrator but not with simple user.

Select widget using bdm in bonita ui

I want to show list of IDs and string in bonita ui select widget. I am new to bonita I have done this using process variable but i need it using bdm. can anybody provide a guide or solution. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.