Bonita BPM 7

How to forward user to next step after completion of a task

I've been designing a process with Bonita BPM Community 7.1.2, where is a part like this:
[Human task 1]---> [Service task: WS call] ---> [Human task 2]

Service task takes only a second or so, but user drops out to task list view and natural process flow is interrupted in terms of usability. I would prefer to see user forwarded to next step (Human task 2).

org.bonitasoft.engine.core.process.instance.api.exceptions.SFlowNodeNotFoundException: Flow node instance with id 400131 not found

Hi , The system log showed below error message, I checked the Bonita engine DB FlowNodeInstance , this flownodeinstance looks fine Why those error messages showed?

Business data model showed exception error messages after updated

Hi , When I updated Business Data by using the Java method like :model.setIndex("123"), it often appears to the following error message:

Heads Up - Bonita BPM 7.0 UI designer - great idea, poor implementation

The intention of this post is to serve as a "heads up" for Bonita BPM creators. But since this is a space for answers, here I ask: When will the questions below be addressed/corrected/resolved and features recreated?

Bonita BPM 7 - user interface design tool

Hi there!

I just saw Bonita BPM 7 video on Vimeo:

Is it for real? The final User Interface Design Tool will be like that? I saw the guy writing object property names using his MEMORY. The utterly useful variables list combo box is GONE! Adding HTML PARAGRAPHS to see properties, really? Even with that CONTEXT thing it will be an horror seeking names inside a JSON string... Is this awful regression for real? What happened to that "less need of programmer skills for the end user" policy?