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Hide bonita portal

Hi every body how are you,
i need to hide definitly the bonita portal my end user.
I just want that use live application to work.
actually i think put NGINX or APACHE (with REVERSE PROXY) to do that.

Someone have any idea on this !!!!! best

Unable to add user/page/process from Bonita Portal as Administrator

Hi there!

I am using Bonita 7.4.3 and 7.5.4 for different applications. Am currently facing issue with the 7.4.3 version. I am unable to add users / pages / processes / groups anything as an Administrator or as a 'install' user. Though I have users in the portal currently, the technical details in the Profiles view for Users and Administrators show as 0 .

The administrator can install a process, manage the organization, and handle some errors (for example, by replaying a task).
Technical details

Issues with the Bonita Engine when trying to start wildfly bundle with galera cluster

I'm having an issue with the start up of a wildfly bundle when trying to connect it to a galera cluster the deployment fails with the error below. The node that is used for SQL calls also goes down/desyncs from the cluster after the error. I was wondering if anyone has experience doing this deployment for a cluster.

Bonita Portal form does not run after recovering database tables


I ran a database backup script to recover the tables in my database. After recovering the tables, my form in the Bonita Portal does not run. I get this error: Error while getting the form page list. My form ran before I recovered the database tables. Does anyone know why I'm getting this error after running the database backup?

Bonita portal authentication with google login

Hi, Guys,

I'm testing the bonitasoft for develop one backoffice with:
-> Create the process for setup when new client.
-> Automatization for internal process.

I see that the formulary are productives.
But I need to integrate with google login, is default SSO in my company.

Is there anything implemented?
I have to implement?
JAAS on tomcat?

Best regards.

How to change the representation of the process in the table on the portal?

Good day, I have the following question.

Used Bonita version 7.1.0

How to change the representation of the process in the table on the portal?

For example, to display not only the name of the process, version, and description, but the owner of the process, for example.
Also interested in the question whether it is possible to add custom attributes to process and display them as we need to.
This question refers to the display of the list:

Unexpected BPM portal after deploy installation

Edit: The problem of logging with another user account is solved. To clarify, the only tabs I can see in Bonita BPM 7 portal are: "BPM Services", "Organization", "Business Data Model" and "Resources". Where is the tab for app installation?

Dear Bonita BPM Community.

Custom Login Page to authenticate to the Bonita Portal.

I'm using Bonita 7.0.2 CE. Does anyone have an example of how to create a custom login page to authenticate a user to the Bonita portal ?
It would serve as a login for other custom pages ?

Russian localization of Bonita Portal

I have seen announcement that Russian localization of Bonita Studio is already in place.

And what about Bonita Portal?

Message in Portal when navigating through tabs


I get this message in the Bonita Portal:

The elements you try to display can't be retrieved due to a server problem. Please contact your administrator.

What could cause this message to pop up?