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Purging data in archive tables


In my environment, I'm using the Tomcat bundle installation of Bonitasoft Community edition v 6.3.2. Database is MySQL. I've noticed that the archived tables are large in size. Is there a process that purges data after a certain retention period?

Log files removal


I am running Bonita 6.3.2 Community Edition. I have many engine log files created in my bonita_home/tomcat/logs folder. It appears that these files are never removed since I have files from 2015. Is there an automatic process to remove older log files? Is it safe to manually remove older log files?

How to change search filters on the portal of the "task" tab


The "filters" box on the "Tasks" tab searches the tasks only for "Task Name". Is there any way I can configure this filter to perform searches using other search keys? For example, from searches using "Process Name", "Name of the User that started the Task", among others. Explain in detail, I do not have much knowledge in this area. Is there any tutorial ready for this?

If I create a REST API extension can I change this filter search functionality? Explain how I can do this.

Thank you very much, any information can be helpful.

error al desplegar el modelo de datos de negocios


Soy usuario de bonita de la edición comunity.
Comprendo el funcionamiento de los objetos de negocios (Business Objects), y encuentro muy útil el sistema que permite crear entradas de contacto para las variables de los objeto de negocios de forma automática.

Pero recientemente, cada vez que intento modificar o crear un nuevo objeto de negocios, me enseña un mensaje de error que dice "Ha ocurrido un error al desplegar el Modelo de Datos de Negocio en el engine".

Is it possible to deploy Bonita Community on the external server - not standalone?

Maybe I am mistaken, but it seems that Bonita Community version can only be deployed on local server on your own computer - not in cloud. Hence enterprise use of Bonita Community is not possible and the only purpose of this edition is to try how it looks and functions.

Did anyone succeed in deploying Bonita Community on external Tomcat or JBOSS server?

define initiators : bonita community 5.10.2


how can i define who can start a case from user xp in bonita community 5.10.2, i found the jar which can do this but i don't know how to use it ?

have you any idea ?

Thank you