Bonita Engine

Cannot pause BPM Services.


I am getting an error when I try to pause the BPM services. From the log below I suspect that taking down the service takes longer than 30 seconds, which is possible, because there are more than 5000 open cases at the moment.
(1) Is my assessment correct that this is a timeout problem?
(2) How do I adjust this parameter to a larger value than 30 seconds?



Error while trying to deploy Bonita_Test_V.1.0.bos file

Hi All,
I have one .bos file that I am trying to deploy by using Bonita API in my java code.

Following are the method that I am calling to deploy .bos file:

private void deployProcess() {
try {
System.out.println("Deploying process '" + processName + "'...");
String uploadedFilePath = uploadGeneratedBar();
// installProcessFromUploadedBar(uploadedFilePath);
String payloadAsString = "{\"fileupload\":\"" + uploadedFilePath + "\"}";

Bonita Engine - Classloaders still needed?


I successfully migrated from 7.2.1 to 7.3.2 und I realised that there is no bonita_home folder in der new downloaded version 7.3.2 anymore.
In my existing bonita_home folder are a lot of, im my eyes, temporary folders/files in bonita\engine-server\work\platform\classloaders called bonita_engine_xxxx@[host]. Each of them is round about 800MB big. So finally my bonita folder is round about 30GB big.
It seems that one folder was created after each shutdown of the server.
Is that correct? So do I still need this files?

Kind Regards.

How can I get a Instance output in java code

Hi All,
I am trying to write a java code that will get the results of executed flownode.

I have tried following and didn't get results:

SearchOptions searchOptions = new SearchOptionsBuilder(0, 250).filter(
ArchivedProcessInstancesSearchDescriptor.NAME, PROCESS_NAME)
SearchResult archivedProcessInstanceResults = processAPI