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Get form variables Bonita 7.9.4

Hello, I wanted to know if anyone has knowledge on how to obtain the variables stored in the database after completing a UI Designer form, to use them in another process within the same diagram. (For example, to use it on an XOR gateway). Thanks for your attention.

Bonitasoft version 7.9.4
MySQL database

Click a button to incrementally save the data in a form prior to submission

Hi Everyone,

I wonder if someone can shed some light on how to satisfy a requirement I have. I have the completion of a large form as one of the tasks in my process. I should point out that this is not the form used to initiate the process. The contents of the form are entered over a period of time as the information becomes available i.e. elaborated. I would like to have the option to incrementally save the data in the form by clicking a button. Once the form is competed it will be submitted and the process move to the next task.