bonita platform 7.9.4

Get form variables Bonita 7.9.4

Hello, I wanted to know if anyone has knowledge on how to obtain the variables stored in the database after completing a UI Designer form, to use them in another process within the same diagram. (For example, to use it on an XOR gateway). Thanks for your attention.

Bonitasoft version 7.9.4
MySQL database

Install and Configure BonitaSubscription 7.9.x bundle Tomcat at CentOS7 with PostgreSQL 9.2

I'm trying to install and configure BonitaSubscription 7.9.x bundle with Tomcat 8 at CentOS7 server with PostgreSQL 9.2.... Unfortunately getting some errors at configuration stage :(
Installed PostgreSQL 9.2. with Tomcat 8 and trying to configure according to: Platform configuration setup tool

When using a setup tool, either way, " init " or " configure" getting the errors like: