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Install a process in Bonita Portal via Engine API


I need to know how i can install a process in Bonita Portal (.bar) using Engine API. Can anyone help me showing an example?



Bonita Portal inside Docker Container - Communication


I use Bonita Portal inside a Docker Container. I need to connect Bonita Portal (inside docker) with Bonita Studio. Can someone help me (Version: Community 7.10.4)?



Custom JavaScript/Jquery file not loaded on deploying .bar file on bonita tomcat portal!

I am trying to add custom Date widget in bonita BonitaBPMCommunity-7.3.1-Tomcat-7.0.67. I have added it successfully in bonita studio using this link but when i deployed it in bonita tomcat bundle it does not work. i have checked that required Jquery files are present in .bar file before deploying to bonita portal but jquery date widget is not working/displaying in portal. Is it problem of loading jquery files??

Set a new property "org.bonitasoft.i18n.folder"??

I am trying to change the default language of Bonita Portal. I have been following the bonita guide ( for 7.3 version) but no use and I can't understand some things.
First of all, when it says: set a new property "org.bonitasoft.i18n.folder" in Windows file setEnv.bat, how can I define this property? It is the same with the Subscription version? So the property must be
CATALINA_OPTS=-Dorg.bonitasoft.i18n.folder=${CATALINA_HOME}/my_custom_i18n etc... or there is something else?

How i can to import the organization from bonita portal automatically?


is there a way in order to import the organization from bonita portal automcatically.


Change Content Of about in Bonita Portal.

Hello everyone.
I want to change content of about in Bonita portal.
Settings > About
Content is:
Bonita BPM Portal
Version : 7.1.2
Bonitasoft © 2015

Please help me.

Bonita portal authentication with google login

Hi, Guys,

I'm testing the bonitasoft for develop one backoffice with:
-> Create the process for setup when new client.
-> Automatization for internal process.

I see that the formulary are productives.
But I need to integrate with google login, is default SSO in my company.

Is there anything implemented?
I have to implement?
JAAS on tomcat?

Best regards.

Bonita 7 - Screen Flashing on Datepicker Popup


I created a simple form using the drag-and-drop UI designer in Bonita 7 with a title and a datepicker. In preview mode, the form works as expected. However, when I deploy the page and view it in the portal (via attaching the page to a custom app), the elements on the page disappear when the datepicker popup opens. I'm not using any custom code, JS, CSS, etc. Please help!

Bonita Version: 7.0.0
Browser: Chrome 45.0.2454.85 m


portal bug ?

I previously create a application using a resource imported from a page designed and exported in the ui designer.

To clean my project I have removed some pages including that page.

Now it say that I have no item and no application appear in Apps tab, but I can't remove that that ressource.

How to reset portal to be able to reload pages and build an application ?

Batch processing via API's - problems - like where are my processes!!

Hi there,

In this example I'm using Windows 8.1, Java 1.7, eclipse and Bonita 6.3.8...

I'm using the example Maven project to do some batch programming but have a few questions, see here :


I have a running 6.3.8 Tomcat Portal where I have installed an organization, a admin user and a single process (process00, more of this later).

All OK and I can log on etc. and the process is visible via Admin sign-in.