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This task cannot be executed from here error in a task after deploymeny


I created a process, organization, and a DBM "h2". Everything is working perfectly on my machine

But when i tried to deploy it on my server that has bonita docker image, using the method in one of the youtube channel videos. ie. extract organization, DBM, and process model. i managed to start a process, execute the first task

but later then when the second task appeard in to do tasks with this error message : "This task cannot be executed from here"

instead of showing some data from the first form

"Tomcat can't be launched" after setup bonita server

Hello, i have installed bonita server as the requirement to deploy project. My portal won't be able to run after i installed the server. Suddenly this error "Tomcat Can't be Launched" as seen in this link https://www.dropbox.com/s/gqww9ar6yls2zud/Capture%2011.PNG?dl=0 appeared after loading progress bar. I can't continue my deploy process. Does anybody here have a solution of this? I'm afraid that i did a mistake while installing the bonita server.