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Bonita Studio webserver via VPN

Hello everyone,

This may be a very obvious issue to a lot of people in this community, to me it's unfortunately not. I'm trying to develop my business processes/applications with Bonita Studio (2021.1) on PC A. On PC B I'm testing the processes via PC A's portal using the local ip address of PC A.

Java Project Dependency not recognized - NoClassDefFoundException

I have a Java Project with Objects and Classes to use in Connectors in Bonita Studio. I see the class definitions when I initialize eg a Pool Variable and can select my class type. Whenever I use something from that jar in a Java Connector inside Bonita Studio I run into NoClassDefFoundException when executing the process.

How can I use custom Objects and Classes in Bonita Connectors?

Bonita Portal inside Docker Container - Communication


I use Bonita Portal inside a Docker Container. I need to connect Bonita Portal (inside docker) with Bonita Studio. Can someone help me (Version: Community 7.10.4)?



Deploying Bonita Studio on production

As per my knowledge, we can currently make our diagram (bos file) on our local machine, and then deploy that bos file. Is it possible to deploy the studio, and let anyone with the right credentials access the deployed studio and make the needed changes.


Buliding Bonita source code to make manual changes


I want to make a few small changes in the UI of the Bonita studio (where we create workflows through drag-and-drop), and thought of editing the Bonita code as it's open source. I tried to follow the steps on this link:, and the steps ran successfully.

I am using macOS, and after following the above steps, I do not see a working build in either bonita-studio/all-in-one/target or in products/

Business Object query in Bonita Studio

How to fix Welcome Page blank (white) on Studio?

On Linux Ubuntu 16.04 with JDK 1.8 the "Welcome to Bonita BPM Studio" page is blank, or better, is totally white.
Already tested with different Bonita Studio versions and different JDKs.
Do you know how I can fix/solve this?

My bonita directory keeps growing and is now 6GB. It seems to be filled with temp files, can I safely delete them ?


I'm using Bonita Studio 7.0.1 since its release and I noticed the installation folder keeps getting bigger day after day. It is now 6GB and I'm running out of disk space (I work on a virtual machine with only 20GB).

The workspace/tomcat/bonita/engine-server/work/platform directory is the biggest one and is filled with what seems to be old instances of bonita engine : bonita_engine_@.

These folders only contains some *.jar.jar.tmp files. I assume these are some kind of temporary files left behind by the engine after it has been stopped.

Unable to build Bonita Studio 6.2.4 from the source


I'm trying to build Bonita Studio 6.2.4 Community Edition from the source provided @ Also I'm following instructions described @ . Unfortunatelly I've stuck on building bonita-studio/bundles. Running mvn clean install print me bunch of errors:

BonitaStudio 6.3.0 error when publish organization

Hello, i got some error when publish my organization.