bonita subprocesses

Is it possible to start a new Case / Process Instance from inside another Process

I am planning to Integrate 2 processes in BPM.
At the last task of Process 1, when user clicks on Submit, it should start a new Case on Process 2 with Inputs from Process 1.
Basically start a new Case of Process 2 when process 1 ends.
What would be the easiest way to implement this.
I understand, Using a Sub process idea can work.
Calling Process 2 as a Subprocess of Process 1.

Is there another way of doing this ?
All Ideas are welcome.

Thanks in Advance.

How to fetch A document from a Subprocess and show it in the Main Parent Process

I have a Parent process and Several Subprocesses.
Based on condition evaluated, I call different Subprocesses.
Now I am using the Auto generated Overview page.
There i can see all the Documents that are associated with the Parent Process.
But I cant see any of the Documents associated with the Subprocess.

Ad hoc subprocess

Does the bonitaBPM allow the modelling of ad-hoc subprocess?

How does bonita subprocess works?


I have bonita comunity 6.5.1 version and i would like create some subprocesses like these:

  • Sub_proces1
  • Sub_proces2
  • Sub_proces3

These processes, will be called through a MASTER process,like this:
- Master_process

What i want to do is, one time the MASTER process has been started ,depending of some restriccion, i want to start Subprocess1 or Subprocess2 or Subprocess3, so how i can to do this?How does variables interact?