bonita tables

Has anyone faced the ORA-01691 unable to extend lob segment problem?


we are using bonita bpm community edition 7.7.4 with an oracle 12c enterprise database.
We started with a fresh user schema, but after a few weeks of usage the error occured the first time.

Right now bonita tries to extend the lobsegment area by ~ 5GB of data... which is (even with the autoextend options) not possible...

We have removed all active process instances, but the problem still comes up...

Anyone has or had the same problem or can anyone tell me where to find the data, which our bonita node tries to write into the database?

relate two database table in bonita

Bonita by default saves data in its configured database. I want to relate two tables and want to get values. I want to relate arch_data_instance and arch_flownode_instance and want to get values of specific form like i want to get data from arch_data_instance table of publish node with complete status completed. In other words i want to get data when whole process finishes.