Debug message USERNAME= | Activity instance with id 7561792730588318941 not found

when i fill the submit button on my instantiation contract, ut shows error debug message to bottom of the page as

Debug message

USERNAME=Roberto | Activity instance with id 7561792730588318941 not found)

and I have only two members in the organization and both have the same scope in the pool.

Somebody help, please...!!

Create a Process and create Subprocess from the list with "Call Activity" and "iteration" (multi-instantiation parallel)

Dear, it is difficult for me to be able to model a process of the type father and son or master detail with the use of the call to the Activity.

So far I have only modeled a single process in a simple way. I have not even needed to send messages, which I'm sure I'm wasting a lot of power.

get all username

how to get all usernames in a single JSON array. Is there any API to get all usernames. Thanks in advance please help me.

SQL Datasource Connector - Log level

Hi guys,

Is this possible to change the Log Level for the SQL Datasource connector ?
I think in the code it might write INFO messages (Request and Results ...)

1- Should I make a product update request for it to be set to DEBUG ?
2- If let to INFO, is it possible to change the Logging config for this connector Specifically :
2a - in the Studio ?
2b - on the Server once deployed ?

Thank you for your answers :)

Java Engine API Error - LocalDate serialization

Hi guys,

As my colleague said (in french here ), we have an unexpected behavior with the Java API for Bonita 7.5.

When trying to start a new process with a LocalDate in the contract, we have the following error :
Error while validating expected inputs: [java.time.Ser@271a6dc7 cannot be assigned to LOCALDATE]

I created a new Definition process, taking only 'myDate' LOCALDATE in the initialization contract

To delete

Error : wrong account used :)

Llenar el widget Select de bonita 7 UI con datos desde Base de datos

Alguien tiene la solución de como conectar el widget select con la UI de bonita 7 community?

He seguido muchas preguntas, algunas con respuestas claras :, pero aun asi no logro hilar algo.
Por el momento estoy utilizando el conector de oracle.

Los pasos que segui son:

Create Reference Data

I have created a small process and can interact with the data contained within the process. I am looking now to extend the application to contain reference data. For example to allow an administrator to create a list of warehouses (CodeWarehouse, DescriptionWarehouse) outside of a process (but within the bdm), that a user then must select from within the process via a dropdown list within the form..

How to pass JSON values from form to process variable


I'm using bonita 7.2.3. I created a custom widget, to obtain a table with a column that contains checkboxes to get row selected. I created also in the form page a JSON variable to collect values checked in the table. The variable is correctly populated and on page submit I need to transfer those values to a process variable (the type is java.util.List) I defined in the process.
Contract variables can't be defined as List, so how can I pass values from page to variable? Using a text contract variable, I obtain an error message as JSON cannot be assigned to TEXT.

Unable to show the invoice components to the manager in my app

I am learning Bonita so bear with me if my question is too simple.

I am creating an invoice review app. The overall flow is as follows: the employee fills an invoice and sends it to his/her manager and then the manager may approve or reject this request.

My business data model is:
Name Type Multiple Mandatory
'label' STRING No No
'price' FLOAT No No