Can't get document by url or id

Hey guys,
I read this: https://documentation.bonitasoft.com/6.x-7.2/documents-0 and tried to implement this but faild.
I tried two ways, that I will show you and maybe some of you can help me and say what the next steps could be.

First try:
I got the url of my pdf, its: documentDownload?fileName=BookOne.pdf&contentStorageId=1643

Conditional required fields across tabs


I have a form in UI Designer that makes use of two tabs in a tabs container widget.

How can I make it so that when Field A on Tab 1 has data entered, Field B on Tab 2 is no longer required?

Thanks in advance.

Variables in URL


Back in version 6.x, it was possible to set the values of process variables by having them in the process instantiation URL as a simple http query string.

Is it possible to do this in 7.x, and if so, how can it be done?


Unable to find event trigger instance with id xx

I'm getting the error bellow when I create a number of cases (20 to 30) in secondes,

How to show the process diagram in bonita portal

Hi everyone

I want to view process diagram in Bonita portal for my first sample but I couldn't find anyway to view the diagram, I have tried the below link :

but unfortunately I couldn't find the picture icon which has mentioned in the documentation
after that I need to show it by Engine API and I also need help for that too.

Thanks for your helps

Live update doesn't resolve "rootProcessInstanceId"

I recently tried the live update a script of Bonitasoft process.

Initially, i was written to return a simple string. But, I wanted to add extra logic based on "root ProcessInstanceId". I tested the process in my local machine. It works fine.

But when I updated the script with new logic. It returns a exception.

Is this a known issue of BonitaSoft.

Recently, I found few issues with live updates.

search by LastName

I want to do search by LastName using filter in rest api but don't work I have Rest Api like this one :
../API/bdm/businessData/com.company.model.DemandesConges q=findByLastName&p=0&c=100&f=LastName=={{searchValueNom}}

this my requete :SELECT d FROM DemandesConges d
WHERE d.LastName= :LastName
ORDER BY d.persistenceId

How to pass a business variable(or data) to a different pool?

Good evening,

I'm having a problem passing data to different pools, what i have searched, to comunicate pools you need to throw a message and receive, but i can't pass the variable through the message.
Here is a pic of the process:
Bonita process

Lucas Hort

Bonita Eclipse Marketplace

Dear All
I want to get knowledge of bonita source code, hence, I want to open Bonita BPM Eclipse Marketplace from "http://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/bonita-bpm#group-details" link. which version of java SDK and eclipse IDE do I need? should I set any configuration in IDE before run it?
I want to get information about Bonita engine and how it handles the tasks that assigned to each user in Process?

exception- groovy connector : script is null

I'm using Bonita BPM Community Edition v.7.0 In my process, I made a service task and it has a connector. I used Groovy 2.4 connector to call external Restful service.