Add something to welcome page in Bonita Studio

Dear All
I want to add something like a button or a box like Design box or resource box in the welcome page in Bonita Studio community 7.3. According to open source licence, is it possible or not?
if the answer was yes, how can I do it?
In another word, I want to suggest some well-designed diagrams to a user who wants to use a bonita studio for the first time. I think, it may be very useful for the new designer that wants to learn BPMN. in order to help an amateur designer, how can I show my previous designs to others. any help is acceptable.

Thanks a lot.

Custom JavaScript/Jquery file not loaded on deploying .bar file on bonita tomcat portal!

I am trying to add custom Date widget in bonita BonitaBPMCommunity-7.3.1-Tomcat-7.0.67. I have added it successfully in bonita studio using this link http://community.bonitasoft.com/how-add-custom-javascript-your-bonita-bp... but when i deployed it in bonita tomcat bundle it does not work. i have checked that required Jquery files are present in .bar file before deploying to bonita portal but jquery date widget is not working/displaying in portal. Is it problem of loading jquery files??

file Download/Upload example

Dear All
I have imported the file-upload-download example to Bonita 7.3 and it was working correctly. Is it possible that i monitor the task list or Task Id for each user outside the Bonita portal?in fact, I need to save them in a file . how can I monitor the task list when the browser does not refresh or minimized?

Bonita Portal Customize

Dear All
I want to do some customization in Bonita Portal Community 7.3, for example, I want to change the color of the menu bar, add a button to do something or change the style of Bonita portal like fonts and logo or background color. How can I do them?
Do I need to compile the source files again?

Best Regard.

E-commerce application with Bonita

I am new to Bonita. I am using Bonita 7.2.4.
I have a requirement to integrate payment gateway in my bonita process which will handle payments related this process. Last few days I spent time looking for such example or documentation. But I couldn't find it.

So, I am expecting a support to do this.

Are there any resource/example that I can refer as a help for my requirement.?

Servidor Bonita Producción

Tengo descargado e instalado el Bonitastudio 7.3, una vez ejecuto la aplicación para el desarrollo de diagramas el portal funciona correctamente, pero una vez cierro el studio el portal deja de funcionar.

que pasos debo seguir para dejar funcionando el portal sin tener el studio ejecutado, alguien sabe de una guía mas eficiente para realizar esto, ya que la documentación del portal no es muy clara.

Poi error in Bonita 7.x.x

Hello, this is my first question in bonitasoft community forum, and... I dont speak english very well so I must apologise for that...
Well the question is I'm currently using bonita 6.5.3 with very good results, but with the new vertion released i'm triying to upgrade to bonita 7.x.x.
My first step was import the actual process (6.5.3) to the design enviroment and try to run the process but i'm getting stuck in an assignment that return a java.util.list as the result of reading an excel document.

The code is the next:

Manejo de Multiples Documentos

Hola, estoy diseñando un formulario que se le ingresará información a través de un usuario, tendrá otro campos para cargar varios documentos a la vez, puede añadir uno o varios, pero estos documentos son opcionales, el formulario debe avanzar aunque el usuario no cargue documentos o archivos. Mientras cargue el archivo avanza a la siguiente etapa, sin embargo, el problema es cuando no se añade ningún archivo y no deja avanzar a la siguiente tarea.

Handle Multiple Documents

Hi, I'm designing a form that will enter information through a user, will have other fields to upload multiple documents at once, you can add one or more, but these documents are optional, the form must move forward even if the user does not upload files . While load the file advances to the next stage, however, the problem is when any file is not added and not let me move to the next task.

Create a Process receipt (In PDF form) to be sent to a local folder.


I am trying to create a receipt containing all of the process information and the BDM information from the process. The receipt would be added to a local folder every time a user would complete the process, and the receipt would be in PDF format.

My first instinct was to build a custom connector, and use 'pdfbox' or 'xreportdoc.' However it would be great to do this using the existing connectors and tools in Bonita.