7.1 - Multiple steps(forms) in a user task

So, I am new to BonitaSoft and I am using the 7.1 version to attempt to create a process. However, it looks like the functionality to create multi-step wizzards (next/previous buttons, multiple forms associated with a single task) are not supported by the UI designer. Am I correct? Was this functionality removed? What is the alternative? Are there examples of how to do this?

Bonita 7 - Screen Flashing on Datepicker Popup


I created a simple form using the drag-and-drop UI designer in Bonita 7 with a title and a datepicker. In preview mode, the form works as expected. However, when I deploy the page and view it in the portal (via attaching the page to a custom app), the elements on the page disappear when the datepicker popup opens. I'm not using any custom code, JS, CSS, etc. Please help!

Bonita Version: 7.0.0
Browser: Chrome 45.0.2454.85 m


InvalidSessionException calling REST API


I'm using BonitaBPM 7.0.2 CE. I've developed some custom REST services using the REST API Extension framework, and I have a couple of Custom Pages which call the REST services. I've noticed that if I log out of the portal and then login with a different user ID, the Custom Page gets this exception when it calls the REST API: Error calling REST Service: error = org.bonitasoft.engine.session.InvalidSessionException.

Widget FileUpload


espero me puedan ayudar con este error que se me presenta en bonita pm comunnity 7.0.3, antes que nada este procesos funciona bien en la versión 7.0.2

Tengo un proceso en el cual debo de cargar un documento adjunto, defino un documento el cual toma el valor del contrato, el archivo se debe de subir al inicio del proceso, al momento de hacer clic en enviar me arroja el siguiente error java.lang.NullPointerException no entiendo a que se deba esto si el proceso funciona de la misma forma en bonita community 7.0.2 y no arroja ninguna error.


portal bug ?

I previously create a application using a resource imported from a page designed and exported in the ui designer.

To clean my project I have removed some pages including that page.

Now it say that I have no item and no application appear in Apps tab, but I can't remove that that ressource.

How to reset portal to be able to reload pages and build an application ?

Getting started tutorial for Bonitasoft 7.0 : No signature of method: com.company.model.TravelRequest.setUserId() error

Hi, I had the same problem with the Getting Started tutorial as was reported on july:
I run the application and get the error:

De Bonita Portal 6.4 a Bonita Portal 7.0.2

Hola amigos, buen día

Antes que nada, gracias por su ayuda.

Mi caso es el siguiente :

Tengo instalado en un servidor Red Hat : Bonita Portal 6.4 with Jboss en el cual existen procesos en ejecución, lo que deseo hacer es cambiar de Bonita portal 6.4 with jboss a Bonita Portal al 7.2 with jboss , pero realmente estoy desorientado en el proceso de migración, no quisiera perder los procesos que ya están en ejecución, y no sé cual es la mejor manera de realizar, este tipo de cambios.

Custom Login Page to authenticate to the Bonita Portal.

I'm using Bonita 7.0.2 CE. Does anyone have an example of how to create a custom login page to authenticate a user to the Bonita portal ?
It would serve as a login for other custom pages ?

display json in select box

I am having trouble displaying json objects in select box widget in ui designer. Earlier I was able to do this in Bonita 7, but now I can only list items in a String separated with commas. Can you tell me why is that?
Magdalina Civovic

how to call external API

I want to call an external api in a ui designer variable, that returns JSON array, so that I could fill the dropdown widget with this array. Is this possible in Bonita or is it only possible to call Bonita API? Thanks in advance,
Magdalina Civovic