Bonita7 UIDesigner

How do I include bootstrap UI components in table

Currently the table widget only allow me to specify the filter for each data column in "Column Keys",

e.g. name | myfilter.

I need to be able to include a progressbar (ui.bootstrap.progressbar) but it's seems to be impossible to insert a directive within a filter.

Note that I even had to modify the following line in pbTable.json:
{{ $eval(column, row) | uiTranslate }}
<span ng-bind-html=\"$eval(column, row) | uiTranslate\"></span>

... in order to get any html inserted from the filter to work at all.

[RESOLVED] How to set up a print form button in UI designer

I am working with Bonitasoft 7.1.3. Any ideas on how to set up a simple print button in a UI designer form (opens the ctrl+p print window in browser)? I tried to do it with a Javascript expression (put "window.print()" in a Javascript expression variable print and invoked the print Variable in a submit button's Data sent on click parameter). It didn't work. Any other ideas?

Ui Table Widget- 7.0.1


I am populating List<List> from my connector, and storing it to the List type ProcessVariable, is there any extra stuff I need to do to get the values listed in to a table widget.

As of now, I am able to get the whole list of data in one single column, I have no BDM, assistance is much appreciated...


Form Validation in UI Designer

Is there a way to validate the user input in a UI Designer's form?

I want to show some text error below a required field widget. I can show the constraints messages in the page but I don't think this is the correct way to report the errors.

The required property on the widget says something about $form.$invalid as boolean but I don't know hot to get this value.

Any help?

Change input format

My client asked if it were possible to change the format for some types of inputs.

For example, they need a "money format" : "12345.0" gives "12 345,00 €"
They also need a "percentage format" : "12" gives "12%"

Do I need to create a CustomWidget for that ?
Thank you for your answers

Bonita DataBase Connector

Hi everyone.

How can I use the list that the test connector throws?

For example: I configured my postgres connector, then I wrote a query e.g: SELECT name FROM user.
After testing the connector it works and give me an output parameter which is an ArrayList with the correct data from the data base, but I don't know what to do after this.

The main idea is to retrieve the list into a selector on the UI designer.. But I'm completely lost.
Thanks in advanced.

Unable to set custom widgets properties

I have to create a custom widget in which a property have to be set.
Here is the HTML :

<select ng-model="val" ng-change="ctrl.updateValues()">
    <option ng-repeat="val in availableValues" >{{val}}</option>

And the controller code :

more custom widgets

Hi friends,

I am using bonitasoft 7.0.1, as I see that there is only two custom widgets available in my UI designed, by default, how to make it more?
Any assistance appreciated....

Thanks in advance,

Bonita 7 - Screen Flashing on Datepicker Popup


I created a simple form using the drag-and-drop UI designer in Bonita 7 with a title and a datepicker. In preview mode, the form works as expected. However, when I deploy the page and view it in the portal (via attaching the page to a custom app), the elements on the page disappear when the datepicker popup opens. I'm not using any custom code, JS, CSS, etc. Please help!

Bonita Version: 7.0.0
Browser: Chrome 45.0.2454.85 m


HTML Widget Bonita 7, display pdf report

Hello programmers,

I am newbie to this bonitasoft, started with bonita ver 7.0.1.
When Customizing the forms, there is a high limitations in widgets.
Here the need is: Can we get the file(.pdf) stored in document, displayed, as we do with the object or else tags, embed src="" width="500" height="375" type='application/pdf', displayed as they do in normal html...!!!

Can some one, suggest how to analyze the customization in UI except the two videos, and the documents..