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How can I dynamically extract variables into an external Groovy script?

I have a quite large project, where almost all tasks have the same connector applied to them. I've been trying to find a way to move the core functionality of these connector (which is a Groovy script) into a separate Groovy Script file so if I had to change something, I would only have to change the external script file instead of updating each connector one by one for hundreds of tasks. But there is just one problem: I can't for the love of God extract the variables in a dynamic way.

Is it possible to search cases or tasks by the case variables values?

Is there a way to find process instances throught their case variables values?

How to get local variable from a task to enter value in email

I created two date variables to get the date and time that started and finished the task, so I put the variables in the tasks as a local variable.

However I need the variables to insert into the end email ....

Please I need help

[HTTP-POST] How to send data to the BDM using (Web-)REST-API?

Hello there dear Bonita-Community

My question regarding the implementation is whether it is possible to update a form, without explicitly fill out
the particular form. As described in the documentation, it is possible to access the Business Process
Model (bpm) and the Business Data Model (bdm) with the (Web-)REST-API. But i don't get how to update the specifically defined "attributes" in the bdm.

Is this possible?

Showing results of previous step in a table


I am new to Bonita!
I am working on an app which handles the working hours of a firm. The following is a general scheme of my current diagram:

Connector output to ProcessVariable and then to connector input


I have a connector which sets the output to a ProcessVariable of type List.
Is there any way to loop a process (secondConnector) until the input processVariable data index becomes 0... ? and dynamically stores each value to another processVariable(used as an input for looping/second process)...


Como asignar una objeto arraylist (variable de proces) a una lista de selección en un formulario de bonita 7

Buenas tardes

Quisiera saber como puedo asignarle el valor de una variable de proceso a un widget de lista de selección.
en este caso mi variable de proceso es un objeto tipo arrayList el cual contiene una lista de usuarios.