Crear y guardar BDM Object en Groovy

Saludos, tengo un detalle.. estoy tratando de crear un bdm object por medio de groovy el cual se manda llamar en una operación de una tarea.

def noExpObj = new ConsecNoExp();


al final del groovy regreso la concatenación del objeto de la siguiente forma:

def res = noExpObj.getPrefijo() +"-" + noExpObj.getConsec().toString();

return res;

Oracle required sys privileges


I'm using Bonita 7.1.5 Community Edition with an Oracle database.
My company's Oracle DBA is questioning these privileges (pulled from here: Database Configuration) for the bonita database user:

bonita 7.1 , problems with REST api and sessions

hello guy, i need help please:

I' usign the REST API from bonita 7.1 , and i'm creatig a web application using maven and incorporating bonita REST API.

I'm using this guide:

Help with REST API Bonita studio 7.1

Help please.
I'm working on bonita studio and bonita server, and i''m trying to create a web application with a workflow.
My problem is that i'm using the REST API service and i'm using the method : Update activity variables for bonita 7.1

Problemas con REST API y bonita bpm 7.1

Amigos ayuda por favor
Estoy trabajando con bonita studio y bonita server para crear una aplicación web con un worflow de funcionamiento.
El problema que actualmente tengo, es que estoy utilizando el servicio REST API que publica bonita en su portal y estoy utilizando el metodo para actualizar las variables de una actividad (Update activity variables)

Unable to login with any of the users loaded in bonita


I reinstalled an app I develop with Bonita 7.1.4, I import my bdm, users, profiles. Then map permissions and when I try to login with any user I get this error:

Permission denied: you do not have the rights to perform this action.

The application encountered an unexpected error. Please try again.
If the error persists, please contact Bonitasoft support

If I check the browser console and se this message:

How to migrate from 6.5 to 7.1

Hello All,

I have an application deployed on jboss server in 6.5 version. I am trying to migrate it to 7.1. I have been referring to this documentation:

In this, I am not quite sure I follow step 3 in " Migrate the Platform" section. I have jdbc driver for Oracle database but am I suppose to create the "lib" folder and where is the "Config.properties" file??

Thank you.

Target URL on Success of a Button: New Case


In the UI designer, Once I hit a button I need to create a new case and then redirect to a form of that new case I just created.

I already did the step of creating the case and retreived the case Id(which is a response parameter after I call the api). I just need the part of creating the url to redirect to the task of that created case.

Thank you!

To change an URL, rewriting

Hi everybody ,

I want to share with you the issue that I have which is the way to use bonita community in my company.
Do you think if it is possible for me to change url http://adrIP:8080/bonita to http://workshop.drak.corp

I really have a serious problem knowing that I want to ease the situation to users.

I will be very pleased to accept your help.

Best regards

How to display data on a table in form

Hi everybody.
I'm using Bonita7.1.2 and I'm managing the web service tutorial in bonita 6.5 documentation

Everything seems ok, I can call the web service and retreiving data, but I can't display those data in a table.
This is what I get in page. Where I'm wrong? Can anyone help me?