Tomcat cannot be launched

I just installed Bonita BPM 7.2.2 in a Windows 10 (x64) computer and it went without issues. Then I tried to run the expense report example and I got the following error:

'Starting Tomcat v7.0 Server at localhost has encountered a problem.'
Server Tomcat v7.0 Server al localhost failed to start.

And then the next window appeared with another message:

Getting Data from SOAP webservice in a human task.


I have created a web form associated with a human task in bonita 7.2 workflow. This form is suppose to be taking all it's data from an existing soap webservice. How am I suppose to do that? Also, I think that my SOAP connector is 1.1 as opposed to the one provided by Bonita (1.2).

Thank you!!

Wierd Error: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00923: FROM keyword not found where expected!! Help :(


I have Bonita 7.2 installed on jboss server with oracle as db. After starting jboss server with

./standalone.sh -b= <server_ip_address>, the script runs just fine but I keep on getting this warning in infinite loop on putty (I have to stop to server in order to get rid of it!!) :

MySQL Last Version

Is it possible to use the last version MySQL Server in Bonitasoft 7.2?
I need to install a database in that server, but I dont know if I will have problem with the bonita.

Thank you,

bonita-migration-distrib-2.9.0 problems

2016-02-24 12:58:41.881 +0100 org.bonitasoft.engine.EngineInitializer org.bonitasoft.engine.EngineInitializer initializeEngine