How to configure logging.properties

Hello experts,

I need to modify the default logging.properties file for several reasons, including changing the default level of logs, and changing the syntax, so that it matches more precisely standard Tomcat logs syntax, to be understood by our log server.

For all files on the server, ususally the proper way to configure is to edit a file in bonitadir/setup, and restart the server so that it generates automatically the files in bonitadir/server/conf

However, I cannot find any logging.properties file in bonitadir/setup.

Task List Bonita Studio

Is there any way to get a list of the active tasks for a specific case in the bonita studio, through groovy?. I know there are api at the forms, but this form would not help me for what I need.
I've been searching among the groovy methods but I do not see any of what I need, I only see mostly to get user information.

Any idea about this? Thanks in advance.



Custom Query

Good afternoon,

I would like to know how to make a custom query, to obtain records of several tables. I have read and tested with the JPQL documentation that the studio provides as a reference, I have used JOIN, but I have not managed to make it work and it generates an error when I finish. Has anyone made a query like this?

I have used some queries previously but it is really limited not being able to obtain data from several tables through a single query as we do a normal database like sql.

I would greatly appreciate your help.



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Update BDM - Living Page

To explain a little first, I have designed a Living page where all the cases of a process are shown in a table, and through different sections all the data of the selected case is shown.

After this, the following question arises:
It is possible to update some data of this information that I am showing of the case, this data comes directly from the BDM and I would like to know if it could be updated from a living page?

I would appreciate your help in this.