How to choose which user will perform the task through a selection on the form?

I would like to know if there is a way to do it and if so how to do it, I want to show a list of users of a finished group in a list and be able to choose one of them for the next task. I'm afraid someone will give me a hand

Form not displayed to the user


I am experiencing the issue with my process:
- The process creates a new user in a specific group and send a mail with credentials to the freshly created user
- The next task is assigned to the user by using a single-user filter (the user id is accessed via a pool variable).

when the new user is logged, the task is displayed but the form is not visible.

Another important point, it only happens when using the process outside bonita studio (deployed on another platform)

Use API (Not own Bonita) in the Designer Form

Hello everyone,

I created an external Api Rest to use it in the form of Bonita's designer.
I know how to use Bonita's own Api, but my question is ...
In this case, how would the API that I created within Bonita (form) be used, this external API is to obtain read-only information.

Someone knows something about it?