Not able to install on ubuntu20

Hi there,

I've downloaded file BonitaStudioCommunity-2021.1-x86_64.run to install it on my ubuntu 20.0 system. However, when I double click on it, it shows popup as shown here

When I click on "Search in software", nothing happens.

Can you please let me know what is going wrong?



Issue with XA_RECOVER_ADMIN privilege

Hello there!

I am trying to install Bonitasoft 7.11 on an AWS EC2 instance with the MySQL 8 database on RDS. I have created a user xxx@% and granted the

XA_RECOVER_ADMIN privileges as stated in the documentation 

GRANT XA_RECOVER_ADMIN ON *.* TO 'xxx'@'%' with grant option;

I can't install Bonita 7.7.4 on macOS


When i tried to install Bonita Studio on MAC (OS 10.15), it doesn't work.

Anyone have Bonita 7.7.4 on mac ?

Thank you


I can't create admin user

I tried to install Bonita Tomcat Bundle (BonitaCommunity-7.8.4-Tomcat-8.5.34) and I followed the instructions here:

First problem, after I start the Tomcat server, the "/current" directory is never created

Questions regarding software/hardware requirements for installing Bonita

Hi All,
We are installing Bonita version 7.2.3, which will be integrated with our application - PROS Pricing Solution Suite (PPSS). I have a few questions regarding the compatibility.