Code Completion Problem In Groovy Editor!

Hi everyone, Special Bonita Development Team wink_smile.png

I have problem from 7.113 until 2021.1 In Groovy Editor! (in Community version)

At first time when try to open groovy script in any place and try to use "Code Completion" or hotkey 'Control+Space in MacOS' i receive this error , and so when try again it works correctly!?

Error Image file : https://pasteboard.co/JNZCVyE.png

Is it possible to send my Bonita diagram to someone else so they can work on it?

I am currently working on a diagram with a partner and the diagram is on my computer. I was wondering if it is possible to send the diagram to them so they can complete it.

Gradle Build fail errors when building bonita


I built the whole bonita environment through this link (https://github.com/Bonitasoft-Community/Build-Bonita) on an ubuntu docker image, which worked quite well. When I am trying to replicate the same on an EC2 ubuntu instance, I face a gradle build error, as below

How to set the active organization in Bonita Studio 7.9?

I can't find a way to change the current active organization (ACME)

Change level of logging of Bonita Studio's Server


I would like to raise the level of logging of the studio embedded tomcat to see all beans instantiations on ther server.
I tried to modify logging.properties and lockback.xml.

Is there an other file to change the level of logging in Bonita?



Event Handler Example in Bonita Studio SP


I followed the example on the bonita documentation about creating an event handler (c.f. documentation )
The only thing I did differently is the configuration of the server, I used the setup.bat (pull and push) to register my event handler (push the bonita-tenant-sp-custom.xml). Then I restart the server via the Studio.

The thing is that nothing appear in the logs as shown in the example.

I am using the default h2 database, with a 7.6.3 bonita SP version.


[BonitaStudio] Unable to delete process before starting

Hi everyone,

I'm in face of problem with my bonitaStudio (7.6.3).
I have make a process that i have launch lot of times. But now, BonitaStudio is unable to delete the previous definition, so i can't start my process...

That what i get in my log file:

Forms problems when deploying the process to the server


I have a process which works as expected from the Studio but when I deploy into the server, one of the forms doesn't work properly.

I have two forms and two process variables (of type collection) in two different pools. I'm using exactly the same external API to get the data in the two forms :
varName1 = ../API/bpm/activityVariable/{{taskId}}/processVariable1 --> first form
varName2 = ../API/bpm/activityVariable/{{taskId}}/processVariable2 --> second form

Studio BDM in MySQL

Hello All,

I changed the workspace/tomcat/setup/database.properties file as follows:


However, when I modify and reset the BDM it isn't deployed to database, it remains empty, with no tables. The tomcat log only contains this:

When does HiDPI support come for Bonita BPM Studio?

It's horrible to work with Bonita BPM Studio on a HiDPI display because the underlying eclipse is not supporting it. I work with a team with normal DPI displays on a shared repository, so we always have to adjust the size of the elements or stay with overlapping elements and text.