Help with process that has only .BAR file

I have a problem and I would like to see you if you could help me. I ended up losing the .BOS file plus recent of my process and I only have the .BAR file of this process, is there any way to achieve access to this process from the .BAR file? But this process was developed in version 7.5 of BonitaSoft.

Export/Import sur Bonita Studio Community 7.8


devant partager un diagramme avec d'autres personnes, j'ai essayé 3 méthodes pour le transférer :

  • clic droit sur le diagramme > Exporter > laisser uniquement la case "diagramme cochée" > Terminer et l'importer sur le 2ème PC Fichier > Importer > Archive BOS
    => message d'erreur "Créé avec une édition Souscription, incompatible avec cette édition Communauté" alors que j'ai bien la même version sur les 2 ordis

    Bonita Community Edition
    Version : 7.8.0
    Build id : 7.8.0.

Can't import BOS file from the same version

I have been trying to import a BOS file from a project that was exported in the same day from the same PC and now it says:
"Designed with a Subscription edition. Incompatible with Community edition"
I never had a subscription edition, I installed bonita last week so no update was made
I am using bonita 7.8.0

Request for a sample process that gets the value from Java Object into the Bonita UI Form- Bonita 7.3.3 Subscription

I am trying to get the value from the Java Object to be shown into the Bonita UI. I am able to fetch the result from the process variable; However, my use case is to get the values from the java object directly.

Request to let me know the procedure to fetch the result from the java Object or a sample .bos will be appreciable.