BOS 6.2

How to deployee app , created on studio 6.3.1 to bonita deployment bundle .

hello , i m little bit confuse about it , i developed one process in studio 6.3.1

i downloaded Bonita deployment package because tomcat in already installed on my PC . al configure set but when i go to app installation option on portal it only accept bar files and my proc is bos .

how to resolve it thanks kandarp

Bonita (win32 ver) doesn't import *.bos file exported from Bonita (Linux64 ver)

It just doesn't. The error message says simply "error importing file". Has anyone came across something like that?

BOS 6.2 Alfresco 4.2 Connector Failure


I am running BOS 6.2 on a Windows 8/Java 7 test machine. I also run Alfresco 4.2 locally. Using the Alfresco42UploadFileByPath with the following parameters: Host: localhost, Port: 8090, Username: admin

Mime Type: application/pdf

Destination Folder: /User%20Homes/

I get this error in the logs:

Mar 13, 2014 6:57:48 AM org.bonitasoft.engine.log.technical.TechnicalLoggerSLF4JImpl log