A Catch event without code catch all errors. Is that the expected behavior?


A sub-process can generate different BPMN Error (throw end events, connectors with a policy 'throws a BPMN Event').

On my Call Activity, I place a boundary event, without any "associate error", plus a transition to "manageSubError tasks"

When I execute my process, if an error is thrown from the sub-process (and whatever the error), then the boundary catch the error and goes to the "manageSubError" tasks.

Is that the expected behavior or a Side effect?

Can I have sure that I will have the same behavior in 7.11, 7.12, etc. ?

How to import BMPN file

how to import BPMN file into modeler? I don't have in options. Am I missing something?
My version: BonitaBPMCommunity-7.5.1-x86_64


type of leave vacation management example

how can we do example official vacation management with type of leave(sick,paye,impaye...,other) , daysavailableInitial associated to type of leave
for example
paye--->daysAvailableInitial =20
impayé-->daysAvailableInitial = 60

BPMN inclusive gateway - one path always fires, other conditional. How to model?

Hi all,

I am using an inclusive gateway with two exit sequences. One sequence should always be executed, the other sequence only when an expression is true. It looks like this:


BonitaSoft 5 and 6 - Start of BPM process - in lane or start element?

BonitaSoft version 5.x and 6.x (TalendBPM Enterprise edition)

Subject: Why the process-lane-form and getting rid of 'start case' button?

Dear BonitaSoft Comminuty,

Can I redirect a task to a specific user?

I have heard people saying there is no tool on the market (IBM, Oracle, Tibco etc.) that allows the flow to be directed to a selected user (because BPMN2 does not allow for that.)

Is this true? Can't this be done?

For instance, let's say you want to send an approval request specifically to some user because you've already dealt the details with her. You don't want to let the approval request to be picked up from whoever is in the Request Aprover role, instead you want, say, Dina to pick it up (who happens to be part of the role Request Aprover btw.)

BPMN Data in files, especially Priority data in xml

Hello everybody.

I am heavily using the bonita export to bpmn files in xml format, and i am missing some parts of the modelled process in this xml.

1. In Bonita Community I am able to set the actor of an activity as "use actor from lane". I cannot the the link between the lanes actor and the activity within the exported bpmn file. Is this not part of the standard?

2. When I set any priority to an activity this will also not be in the exported xml file. Is this not part of the standard either ?