bpmn file

Export process as BPMN file and open with Eclipse Luna - BPMN 2.0 / error

Hey guys, i have a little problem that i hope you can help me.

Actually im working with Bonita 6.4, but my problem start when I exported a process as BPMN2.0 format, with the objetive to view this process in other tool (Eclipse Luna / BPMN Plugin) but when I try to import this file on Eclipse, many errors like "Could not find BPMNDI information" are shown.

has bonita problems with the BPMN Format?

I analized the file with a xml reader, but i really dont know whats the problem.

bpmn file


Is there any way to create dinamically the bpmn file instead of getting it from the studio (Export as ... BPMN 2.0)? Can I use the api to obtain it?