BPMN process diagram

Display diagram in portal


Is there a way to display the process diagram in the portal? Either for users or administrators.

I'm talking about the community edition.

Thank you.

Start the same process from two different actors .

I have a necessity to create a project that can be started from either a technician or a consumer, so they will be two different actors. How to do this?

Unable to add a process variable with version 7.2.1

Hi, I just downloaded the version 7.2.1 and quickly I started to create a new diagram. When I tried to add variables to the process I realized the list of variables is not updated when I click the button 'Finish & Add'. Is it a bug or am I missing something?


BPMN inclusive gateway - one path always fires, other conditional. How to model?

Hi all,

I am using an inclusive gateway with two exit sequences. One sequence should always be executed, the other sequence only when an expression is true. It looks like this:


Can't import diagram Purchase Order Validation (BPMN process diagram) on Bonita 6.4.2

After I try to import Purchase Order Validation (BPMN process diagram) i recieve error "You are trying to import a process who has been designed with an incompatible version". Where to find compatible version of diagram and how to know with which version are compatible? Thank You.