BUG Report: Incorrect detection of the dependencies


I am reporting this issue here since the issue tracker on Github is not enabled.

Bonita is a nice product but sometimes... oh boy sometimes, it can drive you crazy. I have a rather complex workflow that suddenly broke.

In this workflow, I am calling a custom REST API. Nothing fancy about it. I do a regular GET, get some json to retrieve some users' information.

My endpoint returns something like:

identity: null

And this bad editor just lost half my explanation and I dont feel like re-writting it all.

Bonita 7.9.4 bugs


I have built bonita from the given link: https://github.com/Bonitasoft-Community/Build-Bonita, and then built bonita-studio to get the macOS version of the app.
On running the app, this is what I see in the GUI.

Data Tab

Hay algún error en los "boundary timers" (versión 7.5.4)?

He añadido un "boundary timers" en una tarea por primera vez. He configurado la duración (15 s) y he añadido un "terminate event" como excepción. Sin embargo, la ejecución sigue una vez pasados los 15 segundos.
Puede ser que se trate de un error? Estoy trabajando con la versión 7.5.4.


EDITADO: He instalado el proceso en la versión más nueva y el "boundary timer event" ha funcionado como se correctamente. Hay alguna manera de solucionar este problema sin tener que instalar una nueva versión?

Is there a bug in boundary timer events (version 7.5.4)?

Hi everyone,
I added a boundary timer event to my process for the first time. I set the duration (15 s) and I set a terminate end event as an exception trasition. However, the flow keeps running after the 15 seconds.
Anyone knows if it's a bug? I'm working with version 7.5.4.


EDITED: I installed the process in the newest version and the boundary timer event worked as expected so it's a version issue. Is there some way to solve it without installing the new version?

Bug in Version 7.6.0: Message content value - no expression types shown/selectable


I think I found a bug in Bonita BPM community edition 7.6.0:
1. Create a send message event
2. General -> Messages -> Add
3. Message content -> Add
4. In field "Value", there are no options shown.
5. When you click on the pencil symbol, there are no expression types shown in left column. Normally here shoud be the following options: Constant, Java, Parameters, Script, Variable.

In Bonita 7.5.4 this is working.

(Sorry for my bad english)

Start Timer NullPointerException - Possible Bug

Hello Everyone again,

We have created a process which is started by a Start Timer every 5 minutes. The process uses a DAO object to find new records. If no records are found, the process ends. If not, a case goes on.

This works perfectly in Studio. The first time we deployed the process to a Bonita Server Bundle (Tomcat), the process worked ok. Then we made some adjustments, deleted the process and deployed it again (always in version 1.00).

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Bonitasoft is a software to create a BPM application all-in-one, from back-end to front end, all in the same environment. We can drag tasks into diagrams or widgets into web-pages with beautiful rendering. We can add some code (groovy, javascript, css, html) to be closer to our needs.

What's about this specific code insides diagrams and web-pages ? How do I know the level of quality of this code ? How can I detect potential misconception, code smell or bug ?

This is what Bonita Extract Sources provide you : A way to analyse code hidden in diagrams or web-pages

Releases for bonita-extract-sources

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Why does this custom field have this bug?

I downloaded an autocomplete custom field to fill my need to get the contents of what was written in the field.
I got the custom field here :

But whenever I select something in this autocomplete field my page ends up creating a blank space on the right side with absolutely nothing, if you have a hint of what it could be I thank you.

Se perdieron todos mis Data Models

Hola buenas a toda la comunidad de Bonita, soy nuevo en bonita 7.2, y cualquier ayuda será agradecida.
El problema es que al cargar por segudna vez el ejemplo del tutorial de Geting started : "Simple Travell Request", me mostró un mensaje diciendo que ya existi el flujo Simple Travel Request, que si quería sobre-escribirlo y respondí que sí.

What can cause a default transition to be triggered when another condition is fulfilled ?

TL; DR :

  • The default transition is the last condition in the transition ordering
  • I added a "display description" in the exclusive gateway, which shows that the input is really "REJETEE", so the transition condition should have been triggered
  • This behavior is not constant : most of the time the condition works fine, but 1/10 to 1/3 of the times it behaves differently