Postgres KPI Request Formatting

I am using Bonita Subscription 7.3.0 and a Postgres database 9.2.18.

I have a question regarding formatting, I have recently begun setting up KPIs with a Postgres database. Which is operating normally, and was actually really easy and straightforward to set up. However when creating the actual KPI request, there are two options "Use graphical mode" or "Use Manual mode."

If I use "Graphical mode" the request comes out like"
"INSERT INTO Bonita_Entry_Info (Process_ID) VALUES (${process_ID})"

Which is actually incorrect.

How to use CSS in BONITA 7? How to modify the height of a text widget or input widget?

Please, I need to modify the height of a text widget.

How to create a class in CSS and use it in UI Designer? This example doesn't work.

[BONITA 7] ¿BUG? No se pueden definir varias operaciones de salida a un conector PostgreSQL

Estoy usando PostgreSQL 9.4 (conector JDBC 9.4) Bonita Community 7.0.1

Configuro un conector de entrada que realiza una consulta SELECT a la BD y pretendo que se guarden los valores de dos campos distintos en el BDM. La configuración es la siguiente: Uso el script mode en lugar de la consulta, ya que por el segundo método no captura el valor de BDM.variable según lo que se indica en este BUG.

En el script indico lo siguiente:

Throw and catch signal don't function correctly 6.3.1

I'm stuck with this problem ... i tried to use an "AND GATEWAY" there but couldn't use it , so I am trying to use event - signals to make pools wait for each other and I am not being able to do that either! any suggestion may help thanks

that's my diagram model https://www.mediafire.com/?5hqfio61i0ay1mv