business data

Business Data

Is there anyway to see the business data? Also is there a way to send business data to another application that's not bonitasoft?

Adding leave days to an employee business object

Hello everybody,

I am currently testing the business data feature and tried the leave request tutorial which worked. I have already defined a process without business data where in a first step a user can create a leave request. In the next step the available leave days of the user are extracted from a mysql database and are shown in a formular to a manager who can approve (if the employee has enough leave days left) or denie the leave request.

How to import business data model in BonitaBPM 6.3.* portal when CASS SSO authentication is enforced


The documentation page about how to import business data model in portal states that user has to be logged with technical account to be able to pause tenant and import

What about doing this when using CAS SSO ? As bonita will be redirecting each single user to CAS server for authentication, shall we map a user to this particular role and how can it be achieved ?


Update a row in a business object


I would like to update a row in my business object. How can I do that ? If i use transient data I modify the list but not the actual object.

I'm using the default h2 database.

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how to configure bonita core and history database to oracle database


i m using bonitasoft community version 6.2

is it possible to configure bonitasoft core and history data as oracle 10g database . by default

pl suggest thanks kandarp

Store business data in an external database ?

Hi all,

I'm curious about the exact reasons storing business data in an external database instead of process variables is a best practice recommended by BonitaSoft.

From what I can read in the documentation and the questions/answers, I see two reasons for this :

Use JPA to store business data

Hi all,

I plan to use (read/write) some business data stored in an external database from a Bonita process. I'd like to use an ORM (such as Hibernate) and annotate my entities with JPA annotations.

I wonder if anybody had already tried to embed some entites in a process ? Should I expect some dependencies conflicts (Hibernate is already embedded in Bonita) ?

A better practice might be to handle my data access in a separate web application and accessing it with a hand-made REST API ?

Any idea ?

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