Date type is stored in BDM database as string/varchar?

We are using Bonita 7.6.1 with MySQL, and recently realised that the date fields/data are stored as character string/varchar inside the business database? How do we do date-based queries on the business database now?

Anyone has faced/solved this issue please reply.

Creating Child Objects after Parent Object is created


I am working on a project where a user must fill out and submit Form A that is linked to Business Variable A, which holds his general information, and after a specific amount of time must fill out and submit Form B, that is linked to Business Variable B.

I want the business variables A and B to be linked in a one-to-many relationship, (one A, many B) and have set up the business data as Variable B being a multiple attribute of Variable A, of the composition kind.

Dynamic URL in the body of a Email connector

Good morning
i want to do this in Bonita: send an Email with a link to my ERP in its body. This is the static URL of my ERP:

Stuck on "is not managed by the current version of the BDM" after adding custom queries to BDM

I was in the making of a process and I figured out I need to add some custom queries to my Business Data Model (BDM), I had already created some Business Variables and now when I try to run it gives me an error saying that the Business Variables originally created are not managed by the current version of the BDM.

I tried to delete the Business Variables and create them again but didn't solve the problem.

I will share two print screens and hopefully someone can help me. I'm using Bonita Studio Community Edition 7.8.3

why do I have Unique index or primary key violation error?


When I run my process in Bonita Studio, Sometimes I have Unique index or primary key violation error. The time of this error is where I want to save an new row in BDM.
with reset engine and run it again, it doesn't work. To fix this error I have to edit PERSISTENCEID of last row in my table !!!
Do you have any idea that what's the reason of the error??

Call a business data (custom) query with multiple filter

Hey guys,
I created a table like in the "getting started tutorial": https://www.bonitasoft.com/resources/videos/getting-started-tutorial?des... and everything works fine.

But now I want to get my table filled not with items via one filter, but with two.
So the actual code looks like this and its working:

(solved) Initialize Business variable using process variable value

can i initialize a property of a business varible using the value of a process valiable?

The above code in the groovy script throws the exception "No contract data found named: aProcessVar"
def myvar = new myBusinessObj()
myvar.aBusinessVar = apiAccessor.getProcessAPI()
.getProcessInputValueAfterInitialization(processInstanceId, "aProcessVar");
return myvar

Also on a connector (input or output) i cannot update the value of a variable:

How do you display a business variable list (containing SQL data) in the UI table widget?


I'm quite new to Bonitasoft. I'm currently using the Bonitasoft 7.4.3 Community Edition, to use as a POC to show to my manager the capabilities of Bonitasoft in terms of a BPM offering.

I'm having issues with displaying a business variable list containing data from a MS SQL table into the UI table widget. I've gone through the tutorials on the UI and have looked at all questions and answers containing the linking of external data and displaying the data in the UI. Below is what I've done.

How to pass a business variable(or data) to a different pool?

Good evening,

I'm having a problem passing data to different pools, what i have searched, to comunicate pools you need to throw a message and receive, but i can't pass the variable through the message.
Here is a pic of the process:
Bonita process

Lucas Hort