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Getting started - form reviewTravelRequest

i tried the example in the getting started tutorial. Works fine, but the config of the button (see attachment) doesn't work. No idea what happened here. (https://techwerker.portknox.net/s/LKGnjikAqsibZxk). Any hints are welcome.


Seems Silly - How to make the Submit Button Quit...

hi there,

I'm in the process of developing new applications, and have a silly question...a moment of brain freeze.

How do I make the default button widget act as a Quit button...

I know how to submit POST, PUT, Start a process and remove items from a collection but all I want is to return to

../bonita (or some other location)

There is no form, and I need no-data to be returned...

There is no taskid as no task is available at application level.