B702 - Button - How best to use the options?

Hi there,

In the UI designer of B7xx there is this thing called a button. It has six options, does anyone have an explanation of each, with a well formed example of each?

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Remove button only supports first/last item (UI Designer)

Hi, in the UI Designer I can only select first or last item to delete. What if I want to delete any item in between? That would require me to delete all following items first, which causes the user to loose alot of data. I would like to place the remove button right next to the item and when pressed just delete this individual item. Any idea how this can be achieved?

How to configure a radio button in Bonita 6?


I would like to create and configure a radio button which choices are "Yes" and "No", but I can't figure out how to store the user choice in a boolean variable and to use it in the next task, nor how to display the "Yes" and "No" options.

The 5.x version documentation didn't help either.

Thank you for your help in advance.