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How to run call processes with a list?

Hello everybody,

I am a beginner on Bonita and I have to create a process that will create and launch other processes (call activity). My parent process contains a business variable which has 3 fields:
-"MasterMO" (it is a reference)
-"ChildMOs" This list "ChildMOs" type is "ChildMO" which is another "multiple" business data which contain


Can someone help with this problem? (No process instance was found as child of the activity with id)

Im getting this exception every time, i have a process wich calls another process, and that process also calls one like this:

process1 (KonfigSzamlaGen )-> process2 (this should be konfigszamla, but it does not appear in the log) -> process3(Szamlazzhu-ra Kuldes)

Im using call activity to call the processes.

Although i have this error, everything seems fine, my main process does finish and even the sub processes do they job.

Why am i getting this error?

before the error i have these lines:

Error while using call activity

I am using Bonitasoft 7.9, and I keep facing an error during validation "Some data from call activity are missing".
My data send and data receive are appropriately filled, I do not know what exactly is missing. Is this a bug?


Error calling another Process

Hello All,

The called process has a Long variable process which is used to load a BDM object. This process works perfectly with any number, given there is a corresponding entry in the table.

Now, when the caller sets this variable to an Id we now exists, we get the following error:

Sub process doesn't inherit root process initiator

Is there a reason why a sub process doesn't inherit the root process initiator user?

I'm testing out the sub process feature by using the Call Activity Task, and noticed that the sub process doesn't inherit the initiator of the root process. I was able to work around it by passing in, through the process contract, the user id of the root process initiator, but it seems like it is redundant, and it should automatically work.

call activity

When I call a defined process p2 from the process p1, (which both of them work well independently) I get the following error message and process p2 fails:
Groovy script throws an exception of type class org.bonitasoft.engine.identity.UserNotFoundException with message = org.bonitasoft.engine.identity.SUserNotFoundException: USER_ID=0 | Can't find the user
and here is the script for business variable which is common between p1 and p2:
def businessObject2Var = new

Custom object mapped from call activity have no values in the child process's object from the parent process's object

I use custom objects in my process, I have made sure they are serializable. Everything works except when I try mapping the custom objects I have made through a call activity to a sub-process. The object in the child process does not have any of the values assigned that were in the parent process object the mapping was set up with. Is there something that I am doing wrong, or can custom objects not be mapped using the call activity?

Una actividad de llamada a un sub proceso no permite seguir con la ejecución

Hola gente de BonitaSoft tengo un problema que espero me puedan colaborar.

Tengo 3 procesos 1 proceso padre y 2 procesos hijos el primero de ellos realiza unas cuantas actividades, y al llegar a cierto punto es necesario llamar 1 actividad de llamada y seguidamente esta termine que se ejecuta la siguiente actividad de llamada. Lo que sucede es que el proceso llega hasta el fin del primer proceso hijo pero no retorna o no permite proseguir con la invocación del siguiente proceso les agradezco sus respuestas.

Retrieving variables from call activity (BOS 6.X) via API REST

Hi there!

I have 2 pools connected by a call activity. Is there any posible way to retrieve a(all) variable(s) from the "children" pool via API REST?

Here's a briefing :)

Getting variables from call activities using API REST (BOS 6.X)

Hello there

I have 2 process diagrams (MyDiagram1, MyDiagram2) connected by a call activity, i mapped a variable for each process, but i want retrieve/update the variable data from 2nd pool via API REST

I need it for call a DataBase connector inside the 2nd pool.

if i update the variable in the 1st pool, the 2nd takes the value and execute the connector like a charm, but now, i need to update the variable on the 2nd pool in order to execute the connector with new data