Migration to 7.8.4 now throwing RestletServlet Exception

Out middleware (TicketService) uses the HTTP API to get case and ticket details based on a case ID and since we upgraded we are now seeing the following in the error message and no ticket details are returned to the middleware.

How to obtain active tasks for a case


I need to obtain the list of active tasks and the users asignned for a case.

With this API: /API/bpm/caseInfo/caseID I can get the list of the active tasks, but the API doesn't return the user asignned to each task.


How to modify the default case overview


How to modify the current case overview?

How to create a custom case overview


I want to create a custom case overview showing different fields. First is the gatePassNo from a new bdm table then the taskname where the task is and then date created from the table where the gatePassNo is also found. But dont know how to create this following. I put all this field in a default table in UI Designer but the following fields came from different bdm table. Please help to create this.


Start Process API

Greetings, Im trying to start a case from a process in bonita, for that im using the button widget of bonita UI, my problem that I need to target the next page of the process (not the bonita portal). For this I need to get the caseId of the process that im starting with the button but I have no clue of how to get it.

Finding case related to particular data object

Currently, I am looking for a way to load the case data related to given data object. I went through the BonitaSoft documentation and I could not find a suitable API for that?

What is the preferred way of retrieving case data from when persistence object is available?

Get the case history through REST API


We are planning to use the community version of BonitaBPM.
In the documentation of the REST API, I didn't see any way to get the complete history of a case.
Is it possible in the community edition to get the history of a case or do we need to upgrade our subscription to be able te make an API extension ?

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Do we have an API that links to the BDM context of an archived case!

We can get the link to the context of an open case with this "../API/bpm/case/{id}/context".
Do we have a similar thing to do this for an archive case?

If this does not exist, is there any workaround to access the BDM details for a closed case!