make changes with out losing current cases

Thanks in advance for your help. Each time that I deploy an application everything works fine, but if i need to make a change in one form (for example to add a new field) and I execute again the process, all cases that was on execution resets and every cases that was on execution and ended cases disappear . Exists a way to make changes without reset all current cases that are executing and all ended cases?

How to insert a variable value creating a case using REST

Hi. I'm using Bonita 6.2.

I need to create a case and pass a value to a global variable using REST. Reading the REST api, i found the caseVariable to do operations with them. But to do this i need:

Preserving case histories over migration from 5.x to 6.x


I want to migrate the portal from 5.x to 6.x. Is it possible to do this in a way that means that once I have migrated, I can view on the new 6.x portal the history of cases which were completed in the old 5.x user experience?



How to manage multiple cases?

Is it possible to take a list of open cases that are assigned to a particular user and then perform a bulk action on them, which might be closing them, or setting a common flag that links them all?

Is there an API function that could provide an initial list (of assigned processes), which could then be managed in a process?


How do I retrieve information of a previous case/instance ?

In my process, I store information in Bonita database in order to create reports, etc...

However, I would be interested in retrieving information of a previous case and use it in a new case. Is this possible ? and if yes, how ?