Bonita process not showing Form Values from Initiator to Dept Manager Task

I have created a process, Initiator fills the form and upon submit it goes for Initiator's Manager, then he Approves and it goes to Dept Manager(single User-- jan.fisher), but when he logged in he is not able to see the details of the form values.

Please see the attached BOS file, BAR file,, file, developed in 7.2.2

Download BOS here

Can someone Please guide me on this..

How to display table on conformation task page .

i m using bonitasoft community 6.3 on confromation i just downloaded defauly html generated. and add table on it , but now i want to display some process variable's data into that table . how can i get this process variable data from that html

pl pl specify need code .

how can i refactor this code .

Form With Borders and grids (Look and Feel)

I want modify default form , text fields and check box and all form appearance are to big .

i want a professional look and fill

what should i do for it ?

  1. manipulate the css of Bonita default form
  2. use html widgets .

but in html widgets how can i store data into variables .

How to insert a variable value creating a case using REST

Hi. I'm using Bonita 6.2.

I need to create a case and pass a value to a global variable using REST. Reading the REST api, i found the caseVariable to do operations with them. But to do this i need: