Can a task wait for catch event to occur?

I have a process like this:
Start -> Throw Message -> Catch Message -> Task1 -> end

And another like this:
CatchEventStart -> Task12 -> ThrowEventEnd

So "Throw Message" sends a message to "CatchEventStart" then ** "Task12"** does something and in the end "TrhowEventEnd" **send a message to ** "Catch Message"

Send message between diagrams

Is it possible to send messages between diagrams?

I think i have configured everything the correct way but when i click auto fill in the message content menu nothing happens

And also the message content defined in the other diagram isnt show in the expression edit to select it


Failed to use a business model data in a throw/catch event

I fail to add a Business data variable as an item of a thrown message event.
If I use only String values, it's OK but the process fails when the content item is a business variable or a list.
I created 2 entities (BDM) :
- Entity property with 2 String properties (label and value) : Hashmap <String, String>
- Entity with some String properties and a multiple (List) of Entity properties
I did it the same way as shown in the "Expense report" tutorial (expense report and report lines)