How to link a modifiable simple collection with an attribute in the database?

Hi all,

In my UI I would like to create a list of stats (mean, min, max) so the user can remove them or add a customize stat. I followed this Bonita documentation to create a modifiable simple collection:

What I have is:

How to get a value ($ from a Link Widget into a collection as URL Parameter


I have a Form which list all current Cases as Collection in a Container and I want to have a Link (or button) Widget on each of them to open a detailled view of the Case in another Page.

I have to pass the caseId which is $ as Parameter into the URL of the Link.

Repeat container (collection) to many data makes it slow


My problem is simple, the solution may not be...

I have a List containing ~70-100 objects, each object has ~20 properties, every property needs an input because the user will edit the object properties this way. The problem with this is, that it is really slow... and laggs. Is there a way to speed this up or it simply cannot handle this much input fields?