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How to change the available select values depending on previous input (Country - city)


I am working on a form where a user must input the countries he or she has visited, and according to the answer of this field, a list of appropriate cities loads as available values for the next select field, cities.

However, I am having trouble restricting the available values for the second field because the user can input multiple countries, and then multiple cities within those countries.

Show process variable of type java.util.Collection in Form

Hi All,

I'm trying to access process variable which is a list of objects from the form. In form I used External URL call to retrieve it:


And it returns the following:

{ "case_id": "1040", "name": "mySpec", "description": "", "type": "java.util.Collection", "value": "[,,]" }

As far as I understand it returns some kind of references, but how do I get actual data?