Update the field of bdm object while task remain to the current actor


I want to update one of the fields of my business object without submitting the task.
Actually, I want to add notes of my current task without submitting it.

Is there any method to do that, a POST call to call update query or something else.
I have read in the documentation that only SELECT queries are allowed.

Asad Shakeel

How will I force the user to comment in bonita


I want to force the user to encode a comment in the comment tab when they will reject the task. The comment tab I am talking about is the default comment tab in bonita when viewing the task not the custom comment input.

Please help.


Retrieve a comment on a case by REST API


How can I get/post process comments by rest api.
I could not find anything in the document v7.2, But I found this page (v6.0)

bpm >
comment: A comment attached to an active instance of a process.
archivedComment: A comment attached to an archived instance of a process.

Is there any way to push form's field data to dashboard comment field


I create one approval process , now when user log in to system he can find process status in comments on dashboard now when user go to task and fill form and then write some comment in filed of form . and store in variable

but i want that comment field of form , next user can see on dashboard's (portal) comment . how to achieve it

It is posible to translate the automatic comments from the system user from english to spanish?


When a taks is assigned to any user, the system add a comment to the task feed saying... The task "XXXX" is now assigned to xxxx.

It is posible to translate this comments? It's strange to have the whole portal in spanish except for the comments.