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Map complex data to sub-process in community version

Is it possible to map complex data to sub-process in community version? I am getting following error while doing that. Any help appreciated.

Error while validating expected inputs: [ cannot be assigned to COMPLEX type]


Redirecting to main process after subprocess finishes

Like it says in the title I would like to know if there's a way to redirect users back to the main process after they complete a subprocess instead of having them continuing on the main process manualy.

Get connectors of a pool

Hi everyone,

I'm using python and the web rest api of version 6.3. I manage to get all the pools through the url http://localhost:8080/bonita/API/bpm/process?p=0. I can also get all the executed connectors via http://localhost:8080/bonita/API/bpm/archivedConnectorInstance?p=0

And Gateway BUG?. bonita 6.3.1

I imported some projects from Bonita 6.04 wich worked perfectly there and now it's showing this error: "All Incoming transactions must come from the same gateway (explicit or implicit)." The error is displayed in every "and" gateway that i use when all inputs must be received before the process can continue . if what the error is saying is right, then the documentation is wrong and i don't know how to do it, if it's not right then what? downgrade or wait for new version?


Pool variable can not be assigned in form text field (read only) initial data groovy script

Hi everybody,

I can not assign value to pool variable (global) , inside the groovy script of the form text field initial value, if this field set to read only. The field display the correct value, but the pool variable still contain null !!

Can anyone help me.

I am using version 6.2 community edition

Thanks for your support

Availability of functions in Community Edition

Hi people,

I'm using Bonita Community 6.2.2 version. I wonder if I will be able to do some features using Community version and would appreciate your comments.

  1. Generate tasks dinamically. I would like to assign an Actor, Group or Role depending on data retrieved from a database using a service task, and not assign always the same actor for this task.

How to give user to jump into dashboard

I want to add one button in form , when user click on it , it will jump to its portal, how to archive it .

studio/server community 6.1.2 error UUID not found during project RUN

my community server works properly. i can log in. i can import apps. i can start apps and view forms. etc.
below is the error message i get when trying to RUN a project from studio. i can manually export the BAR file and add the APP as administrator and it works. i can click PORTAL from the studio and get logged in to server.

studio is running on my laptop(64 bit win 8) and the server/web site is on another server(win server 2003 32 bit)

any ideas? thanks