Loop on Task - how to provide the condition?


I just want to test to loop a task. But: it doesn't matter what I write into "loop while" the tasks does not loop. Even something like "1==1" is ignored. Can someone provide a example? I'm usind Bonita Community Studio 7.7

Comment mettre des conditions dans un choix exclusif ?

Bonjour à tous,

Dans mon modèle j'ai placé une porte exclusive, mais je n'arrive pas à mettre de conditions pour choisir mes autres tâches (Ex : Accepter ou Refuser le devis)

Comment faire pour écrire les conditions du choix ?

Merci !

et si jamais vous savez répondre à cette autre question => Comment relier des tâches de pool différentes ?

Date selected on form, assign task to user when date and time is reached.

Dear Sir/Mdm,

I have a form with date and duration (time) widget. I want to know when the user set a date and time in the widget, he/she can trigger the next task to user on the date time he/she select? Can it be done?



Conditional execution for (custom) connectors

Hi everybody,

I would like to execute a connector conditionally, based on the value of boolean process variable set by a user within a form.
Which is the best possible solution? At the moment, the only solution I though is to put the connector inside a service task and put a gateway before the service task. Are there other solutions?

Thank you all

Conditional transition depending on actor and variable

I'm developing an application which invokes bonita's REST API and I'm currently at the process workflow design stage.

I need to implement the following scenario:

From an initial state - let's say "open"- there are 3 different transitions available, let's say: "paused", "cancelled", and "closed". What I would like to obtain is that:

  • from the "open" state, after a transition the case moves only to one of the children state (i.e. is not forked or splitted)