It is possible to develop connectors to any information system or webservice. E.g: Database, API, ERP, CRM, ...

OFFICE Connector insert Data in a .docx template the output file name is different than the name I inserted

Hello, Im using office connector insert Data in a .docx template, but the output file name is different than the name I inserted.

2nd question: I need to use another connector generate pdf from office document (using the generated the above docx) but I do know how to select this docx in the configurations since it generates at runtime at tomcat/server/temp folder.

Any help?

Thanks in advance

Manipulate Processvariables


I have troubles getting my Project to start. I want to have a Process that I can start via REST-Api with variables. The first task is a service task that takes this variables and converts it to a object and stores this object inside a pool variable. Currently I give the pool variable as input to the connector, is this the correct approach? Or is there a way to access the variable inside a connector

I am getting concurrent modification error using a connector, what can be the cause?


I needed to call a connector many times in a row, i created a call activity with iteration (sequential multi-instantiation). After a while it stops working with ConcurrentModificationException, after starting it over again it doesnt stop with the same data, it stops randomly. I started over again and again, always deleting the elements that was already finished, after 7 restarts it finished.

To me it looked like a random error, what causes this error? How to get around this?

Java Project Dependency not recognized - NoClassDefFoundException

I have a Java Project with Objects and Classes to use in Connectors in Bonita Studio. I see the class definitions when I initialize eg a Pool Variable and can select my class type. Whenever I use something from that jar in a Java Connector inside Bonita Studio I run into NoClassDefFoundException when executing the process.

How can I use custom Objects and Classes in Bonita Connectors?

Using a connector (REST/GET) I get ConcurentModificationException, Why?

As i wrote in the question i get this error, and dont know why, i assumed the bonita engine causes this error, since i dont use HashMap object in my connector.

This is the full error:

REST api connector usage


I came here to ask about how to use the REST api connector in Bonita 7.10. I was looking through the contributions to see a project that uses it as a connector, however, I couldn't find any. I tried the community projects, such as the official vacation management project and the procurement one.

If you guys happen to know any project or a tutorial that teaches how to use it, I would appreciate it.

Thank you.

MSSQL Connector issue: How to execute a stored procedure with parameters, Microsoft SQL?


I have some stored procedure at Microsoft SQL Server, it returns a view ('myview') based on parameters passed:

The stored procedure ('requserinfo') has 3 parameters: @fname; @lname;@locationcode .....

I want to use the procedure to get a user information in the form (something like: FirstName, LastName, Age, Location etc). It is going to be some kind of a search form... I don't have an access to the data source, only can execute the procedure so this is only the way to get the user information....

bonitasoft to Mysql

hi ;
i create a connector with bonitasoft to Mysql workbench 8.0.16:
when i test, i get this message:

How to add multiple memberships to multiple users

I am working on developing a membership assignment process.
admin can create multiple memberships of multiple users.

Until now, I couldn't find a proper API regarding the function.
Identity API is working with one user and one membership each.
I created a SQL connector and send query statement parameter to implement.
It is working well. However, I need to manipulate the table and put some dummy data.

How to use DB in-connector?

I want to get data from the database and display it on the WEB screen table.

However, although it seems to use DB connector for the entrance connector, I do not know what to do in "definition of output operation".

Can you tell me what to do?