What replaces "deprecated" script connector?

The "in-transaction" script connector is deprecated.

What logic replaces it's functionality? Viz: Creating and updating BDM instances other than those declared in the business data for the process?



Is it possible to disable an instance or a connector in Community edition?

Is it possible to disable an instance or a connector in Community edition 7.1.4?

I have a lot of instances they send an email every day. At the moment I would like to disable sending.


¿Can I copy an ON Enter, On Finish connector or proceses variables to a task of another workFLow?

Hi all

I am a newbie at Bonita 7.2.0, and have some doubts.

I have to create a sub workflow of another and I have re-use many data base connectors and forms.
Is there any way of copy connectors and BDM, or processes variables from one work flow to another different.
This is because I have to share and re-use a lot of code and I'm copying and creating new connector copying the Groovy Script code, and creating the new BDM's, and processes variables.

Thank you very much.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

How can i re-execute Connector in BPm Community version

Hi ,
i ve a problem with a connector.
i want to re run connector, i know its possible only subscription pack, but i want know a possibilities .....

How can I get Manager Email Address of an Initiated user?

I created a process and I want to send an email to Manager after Initiator Form is completed, how can I send an email to Manager with Email connector?

Getting Data from SOAP webservice in a human task.


I have created a web form associated with a human task in bonita 7.2 workflow. This form is suppose to be taking all it's data from an existing soap webservice. How am I suppose to do that? Also, I think that my SOAP connector is 1.1 as opposed to the one provided by Bonita (1.2).

Thank you!!

Can somebody explain me what I have to do to make a database connection work? Get a exception and i have no idea how to fix it.

I'm pretty new to Bonita bpm.
At the moment I'm experimenting with it, and try to discover the capabilities of it. (because it could be interesting for our research institute)
I created my first lane with a simple process, and now I want to make a database connection to my Orcale 11g Express edition database.

Why is my custom connector in the wrong category?


We're making a custom java connector that for some reason shows up in the 'Other' cathegory when imported instead of the AIRC category.
We are using Bonita Open Solution 5.9.1 and cannot update due to compatibility issues with other software...

This is the .xml file for that connector:

cant display teradata output

When I test my connector two items come back.

But they don't showup in my display page and I just get this.
What does no tasks mean? Thanks for helping! I really appreciate this community and try to give back. -Jim


using rest in a constraint

I tried to use rest connector and RestClient in the contract constraints , but the editor kept lagging and eventually I couldn't start bonita at all. Could you tell me is this even possible to do or is there another way I could do server side validation of my data?
Magdalina Civovic