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Get process variable data from the Start process form (instantiation form)


I have a process variable which has a list; the list is created by a "connector in".

I need to retrieve the list in a Select widget, but it seems that I can NOT get the process variable data from the first form (instantiation form)...

It does work with other activities. I can get to show the list in the Select widget in other activities, but it does not work with the instantiation form.

Do you know how to handle this?

Thanks a lot.

Parsing "Connector in" result using a Select widget


I have a "connector in" which sends the a query result (list) to one Process Variable.
The resulting array has 2 "columns".

When calling the Process variable from the UI form, using a UI variable (with External API call), I don't know how to parse the result.

The select widget is supposed to show a list of departments. i.e.:
Aires Acondicionados"

How to read data using db connector into business variable?

I would like to read data from an external MS SQL database using a connector and map the result into a business variable.

I have created a new Business Object called 'MyObject' with attributes 'ID' (integer) and 'Status' (String).
Then I created a Pool Business variable called 'loadedMyObjects' of type 'MyObject' and I set the flag 'IsMultiple' as true so it should be a collection of 'MyObject' instances.

My workflow diagram consists of a Start event connected to a Service Task and finally an End event.