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Définition de connecteur multi-step et optionnelles

Bonjour à tous,

J'aimerai créer un connecteur Bonita 7 permettant d'exploiter une API REST d'un outils interne chez nous.

Le problème est que j'aimerai avoir un seul connecteur pour toute l'API REST et non pas un connecteur par type d'action.

Le but serait, dans la définition du connecteur, d'avoir une premiere étape dans laquelle on choisirait le type d'action ( par exemple modifier un element, ou récuperer une liste d'utilisateur ) et en fonction du type d'action choisit, on arrive sur une deuxième page, avec les paramètres correspondants à mon action.

Error Encountered When Running Processes in Bonita after Setting up a Database Connector

Hi Guys,

I have a database connector that executes an insert statement. I created a variable that will be used in insert statement and then I run the process. I also try insert statement with values without using the variable to see if it really inserts data but encountered the error below.

Error Encountered When Running Processes in Bonita

Hi Guys,

I have a database connector that executes an insert statement. Create a variable that will be used in insert statement and then I run the process but encountered the error below.

Custom Connector with document input

Custom Connector To Alfresco

Hello, again Guys!
I'm new to Bonita and I'm trying to connect it to Alfresco. I'm looking for a custom connector to Alfresco for Bonita 7.4.1 to let you push a document to Alfresco and attach meta-data and categories to it. I found one, but it is older version (5.x) and I'm trying to import it and it says it is successful, but the connector doesn't appear in my list. Do you have any suggestion where I can find a newer version or any examples how to build one. I will really appreciate your help!
Best regards,
Albena Mincheva.

Is it possible to access the activityInstanceId and bdm DAO objects from a connector?

I have a connector that I wish to use to leverage the BDM / DAO object to update the underlying table data, and I need to include the activityInstanceId in this.

Can this be done in the underlying java implementation class? If so, how? i.e. what do I need to reference and access to bring that into my connector class?

Otherwise, I will need to pass in the activityInstanceId on the call to the connector and then use JNDI or some other database access layer.


Create a Process receipt (In PDF form) to be sent to a local folder.


I am trying to create a receipt containing all of the process information and the BDM information from the process. The receipt would be added to a local folder every time a user would complete the process, and the receipt would be in PDF format.

My first instinct was to build a custom connector, and use 'pdfbox' or 'xreportdoc.' However it would be great to do this using the existing connectors and tools in Bonita.

Conditional execution for (custom) connectors

Hi everybody,

I would like to execute a connector conditionally, based on the value of boolean process variable set by a user within a form.
Which is the best possible solution? At the moment, the only solution I though is to put the connector inside a service task and put a gateway before the service task. Are there other solutions?

Thank you all

Office connector


I have installed Bonita 7.2.2 and I would like to use the Office connector ((http://documentation.bonitasoft.com/insert-data-docxodt-template-868). But this connector is missing: "To configure the connector for a task, add a connector (in or out) to the task, choose the "Office" category, and select "insert data in a .dox/odt template"." - anybody an idea what I can do?

Connector output to ProcessVariable and then to connector input


I have a connector which sets the output to a ProcessVariable of type List.
Is there any way to loop a process (secondConnector) until the input processVariable data index becomes 0... ? and dynamically stores each value to another processVariable(used as an input for looping/second process)...